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Five things you’ll love about DIRECTV in Cibolo, TX

More than 18 million customers across the country rely on DIRECTV every day for all their home entertainment needs. In fact, every 7 seconds another customer switches to DIRECTV, so what makes DIRECTV so great? There are many reasons why DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite television provider. Below are just five of the reasons American’s all over are switching to DIRECTV:

1. More channels than anyone else

DIRECTV features more than 285 channels of quality programming including popular channels and in-depth channels dedicated to sports coverage. DIRECTV even has more than 85 channels devoted entirely to almost every genre of music that you can possibly think of. That’s quite the variety and you won’t find better options with anyone else.

2. Industry-leading DVR technology

DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR is just one of the incredible features that can help take your television experience to the next level. Up to 15 television sets can be set up in the Whole-Home DVR network, allowing you to start a program in one room and then pause it and resume it seamlessly on another television in the house.

3. Full-time HD

There are more than 170 full-time HD channels to choose from with DIRECTV. “Full time” means that everything on these channels is in clear, crisp high-definition. Other providers tend to overcharge you for “HD programming” only to offer programs that are 60% HD and 40% standard. DIRECTV gives you the most HD for your money, hands down.

4. Reliable support

Having all the channels in the world doesn’t mean much if you can’t enjoy them because of an issue with your system. DIRECTV is always there to answer your calls and steer you toward a solution. Operators are standing by to answer your calls and the online Answer Center contains a list of the most frequent problems and fixes, 24/7.

5. DIRECTV is for everybody

With so much to choose from, it’s practically unfathomable for anyone not to find something to watch with DIRECTV’s incredible lineup. DIRECTV has so much to offer, satisfying all kinds of tastes including movies, shows, news, sports, and even music.

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